Whittingham, Ford & Riley


Location and period of operation:

Whittingham, Ford & Riley




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An earthenware manufacturer, operating in Newcastle Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Previously: Whittingham, Ford & Co.
Subsequently: Ford & Riley




Initials used on ware for identification:

W. F & R.



Whittingham, Ford & Riley, Burslem
An English Commemorative President James Garfield Pottery Bowl with an acrostic 
on the reverse comparing America's loss to Great Britain's loss of Prince Albert

Maker: Whittingham, Ford & Riley, Burslem
c. 1881-82.

The bowl with a portrait of President Garfield, named below and with the American and British flags behind and an American Eagle above.

Diameter: 6 inches Height: 3 inches


President Garfield
Was Born November 19th 1831
Elected President of America Nov 2nd 1880
Shot by Guiteau July 2nd 1881
Died September 19th 1881

An Acrostic
Garfield is Dead-His Memory blest
Angels welcomed Him Home to Rest
Radiant His Life-In Suffering Brave
Friendship Now WeepsO'er A Martyr's Grave
Intwined In a Bond of Sympathy Sweet
England's and America's Widows Greet
Like Albert-Was Garfield a Nation's Pride
Devoutly They Lived. Beloved They Died

(within an oak leaf garland.)

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