Capper & Wood


Location and period of operation:

Capper & Wood




Earthenware manufacturer at the Bradwell Works, Davenport Street, Longport, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent


Previously: Alfred Capper & Company

Subsequently: Arthur Wood



London Gazette 29 Sept 1893

notice of the dissolution of Alfred Capper & Co. and the 
formation of Capper & Wood


London Gazette 31 May 1904

notice of the dissolution of Capper & Wood 


earthenware tankard by Capper & Wood
earthenware tankard by Capper & Wood


C & W

Capper & Wood
mark on the tankard

the registration number 270718
dates from May 1896


jug by Capper & Wood

Capper & Wood seemed to specialise in this faux woodgrain style of decoration


all the three items shown here have the same registration number: 270718

this evidently refers to the pattern with the shield, beading bands 
and guilding decoration



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