J Clementson  


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J Clementson




Earthenware manufacturers at the Phoenix works and the Bell works (from 1856), Hanley. 

Previously:- Reed & Clementson (1832-1839) 
Continued by:-  Clementson Brothers




CLEMENTSON, Joseph (1794-1871), pottery manufacturer, Hanley. 

Joseph Clementson was born on 15 July 1794 at Carrigill, Cumberland. He came to the Potteries in 1811 and worked first as a collier, In 1820 he apprenticed himself to J. and W. Ridgway, and by 1832 was able to set up his own business at the Phoenix Works, Shelton, in partnership with Jonah Reed. 

The partnership ended in 1839. JC continued on his own, enlarging the works in 1845 and also buying the Bell Works in 1856. Early on in his partnership with Reed JC had travelled to Canada, and this laid the foundation for a successful commercial career. He retired from business in 1867 in favour of his four sons and his son-in-law, Edward Baxter, minister at Bethesda chapel, Hanley, who had married his youngest daughter Lucy. 

JC served as chief bailiff of Hanley 1849-51, being unsuccessful in his promotion of the adoption by Hanley of the Public Health Act. He was an early advocate of amalgamation of the Potteries towns. 

He married Martha Phillips in 1816 and had eight children. He was a member of Bethesda New Connexion church. He died at Prospect House, Shelton, in 1871. His name is continued in Clementson's Mill car park, off Clough Street, Hanley. 
Francis Clementson, in 1834 a contractor of Joiners' Square, Hanley, and an elder brother of JC, is buried in Bethesda churchyard.

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