Edge, Malkin & Co


Location and period of operation:

Edge, Malkin & Co



1902 (3)

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Earthenware manufacturer at the Newport and Middleport potteries, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The partners were Joseph Edge, William Millett Edge, John Wilcox Edge and James Malkin.

  • In 1892 John Wilcox Edge retired from the business. 

  • In 1893 James Malkin retired and William Spencer Millett Edge joined the business. 

  • In 1894 Sydney Malkin left the partnership and the business was continued by the Edge family alone - the name Edge, Malkin & Co was continued. 

  • By 1902 the business was bankrupt and went into voluntary liquidation. 

  • S Webster Dean (who was the chairman of Edge, Malkin & Co.) continued the business until 1910. 


Formerly:- Cork, Edge & Malkin (1860-71)

Subsequently:- S W Dean (1904-10)


Edge, Malkin & Co
Newport Works, Burslem

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880

NOTE: At the same works there was a tile making business operated by
the same families - it was called Malkin, Edge & Co. 


Edge, Malkin & Co
Newport Works, Burslem

Ironstone-China and Earthenware
Black & Gold Luster Ware
E M & Co are able to supply the following patterns purchased
at Messrs HOPE & CARTER'S sale, viz.

Indian Tree, Carnation, Tudor, Hesse, Buccleugh, and Crecian


Pottery Gazette,  January 1885

Edge, Malkin & Co plate in the CORRELLA pattern



Initials & marks used on ware for identification:


E M & CO

E M & CO

Variations occur in the standard printed mark.

The name of the pattern is often include - sometimes in place of the words "TRADE MARK"
"ENGLAND" - denotes after 1891
"LTD" is sometimes added from 1899
"NEWPORT" (the name of the works) is sometimes included

E.M. & Co

early printed mark c.1870 
[the "B" stands for the town BURSLEM]

impressed: "EDGE MALKIN & CO"

standard printed mark 
on same plate as the impressed mark above

[the "B" stands for the town BURSLEM]

standard printed mark 
the registration number is 29 September 1879
and there is no 'ENGLAND' - so the mark is
1879 to 1891

'ARGYLE' is the pattern name


standard printed mark 


standard printed mark 

[with the addition of "ENGLAND"]


examples of Edge, Malkin & Co ware


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