Everard, Colclough & Townsend


Location and period of operation:

Everard, Colclough & Townsend




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Note: Corn Hill became known as Martin's Lane and then as Chancery Lane [see map of Chancery Lane]

According to the 1840 Scriven's report into child labour in the potteries the works of Everard & Co was in the 3rd class... 
"The third class, which include the Egyptian-ware and figure manufactories are even still worse..."

Subsequently: Everard & Glover (c.1846) 

Subsequently: Colclough & Townsend (1846-50) 


London Gazette, 4 July 1845 

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Everard, Colclough & Townsend


Initials used on ware for identification:


E C & T

often the name of the pattern is included

PASSION is the name of the pattern
PASSION is the name of the pattern

this mark is from a black printed and pink
luster-washed earthenware jug.
[from 'Staffordshire Potters', Henrywood]

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