William  Hackwood & Son


Location and period of operation:

William Hackwood & Son




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Earthenware and Jasper ware manufacturers at New Hall Works, Shelton.

Previously: William & Thomas Hackwood
Subsequently: Thomas Hackwood

William Hackwood (the father) died in 1849 and his son Thomas continued the works until 1853.



"The works [New Hall], after having been closed for a short time, were opened by William Ratcliffe, who for a few years made the commoner description of white and printed earthenware for ordinary home consumption. 

In 1842, they passed into the hands of W. Hackwood & Son, who removed from their works near Joiner Square (later called the Eastwood Pottery); and in 1849, Mr. Hackwood senior having died, they were continued by his son, Thomas Hackwood. The goods were various descriptions of earthenware, principally for Continental markets, and bore the name HACKWOOD impressed." 

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Initials used on ware for identification:

W H & S


Summary of the operation of the Hackwood family: 

Operator Works location operation date
Hackwood & Co
(also known as Hackwood, Dimmock & Co)
Eastwood, Hanley 1807-27 
William Hackwood Eastwood, Hanley  1827-43
William & Thomas Hackwood New Hall, Shelton 1844-50
William Hackwood & Son New Hall, Shelton 1846-49
Thomas Hackwood New Hall, Shelton 1849-53


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