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Elias Hawley (an earthenware manufacturer) was born in 1764 and died in 1828.

In the Potteries General and Commercial Directory for 1818 his factory is shown under pottery manufacturers in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent with the address just being Flash.

The works, in Waterloo Road, was at sometime (c.1822) known as "Hawley & Read" (Rhead) and after the death of Elias was carried on by his son Joseph Hawley.

From a letter dated 20th November 1827, written by Joseph Hawley:-

At Martinmas 1825 the term expired which J.Read and my father had engaged together as partners of course a dissolution took place, J.Read engaged with another partner, father and me united together thinking with the capital we had (though small) with prudence, good management and the blessing of God we should have succeeded.

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Trade journal entries:-
For the works in Waterloo Road, Burslem

Elias Hawley

Hawley & Read

Elias Hawley & Son

Joseph Hawley

1818 Potteries General

1822 Allbut

1828 Pigot

1830 Pigot


1822 Pigot


1834 White




1835 Pigot



1841 Pigot

Allbut Dir 1822 - Eli Hawley Earthenware manufacturer and house 'near Low Street' 
and Hawley and Rhead Earthenware manufacturers - Waterloo Road.
Pigot Dir 1822 - Jos Hawley - Waterloo Road

From "Wards":-
The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent, John Ward 1843.

"The other manufacturers at the present day are...... JOSEPH HAWLEY, (Waterloo Road)..."

From "SCRIVEN":-
Scriven Report on Child Labour, 1840 "Conditions of the factories"

Scriven recorded the HAWLEY manufactory as "CLASS 3" "The third class, which include the Egyptian-ware and figure manufactories are even still worse....."


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