Howson & Sons Ltd


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Howson & Sons Ltd




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In 1966 the factory was sold to Armitage Shanks

previously: George Howson


"There was a public outcry in Stoke in 1938 when [Stanley] Matthews asked for a move and the Evening Sentinel said that there had been no news like it since the Abdication. A public protest meeting was held in the King’s Hall on the 14 February. According to Mason (1990) the convenors of the meeting were not among the ‘common or garden’ football supporters of the district but pillars of the Potteries’ industrial world. All were prominent pottery manufacturers and consisted of: R. Lewis Johnson (Johnson Bros. Hanley), Ashley Myott (Myott, Son & Co.), E.H. Bailey (Twyfords Ltd.), A.B. Jones jnr (A.B. Jones & Sons), Arthur Guant (Johnson Fireclay Co. Ltd), T.B. Roberts (George Howson and Sons Ltd), and Sidney H. Dodd, secretary of the British Pottery Manufacturers’ Association. They were all concerned because of the fame the football club had brought to the Potteries and T.B. Roberts said some of his employees were so upset at the prospect of losing Matthews that they could not do their work!"



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