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J & T Lockett




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China and earthenware manufacturers at King Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The partners were listed as John Lockett of Great Fenton and Thomas Lockett of Caroline Street, Longton. 

  • John and Thomas were brothers and the sons of John Lockett and were in business previously as John Lockett and Sons

  • John Lockett senior died in 1835 aged 62. 

  • His son Thomas Lockett died in 1854 aged 45.

  • In July 1858 there was a celebration at the factory of the coming of age of John Lockett (son of the late Thomas Lockett) and also in acknowledgement of the Lockett family being 60 years and 3 generations in the pottery business.  

  • In August 1858 there was a claim on the estate by William Hancock, an iron founder of Shelton, who had in 1830 married John Lockett's 3rd daughter Eliza.  

  • In connection with this claim, in September 1859 at the Union Hotel, Longton there was a sale of the potworks and other assets of John Lockett. 

  • The business of J & T Lockett closed in 1859. 

Formerly: John Lockett & Sons (1828-35)


Warming plate in the CYRENE pattern - by J & T Lockett 
to the left can be seen the hole where the hot water 
was put into the hollow plate


the depth of the hollow plate can be seen 

photos: Jane Maxwell


Marks used on ware for identification:


"Stone China" is a type of durable earthenware

CYRENE is the pattern name



London Gazette - 6 August 1858 


Notice of a claim on the estate of John Lockett by a Mr Hancock 



London Gazette - 26 August 1859


Notice of a sale on 20th September 1859 at the Union Hotel, Longton 
of the potworks and other assets of John Lockett. 

several freehold messuages or dwelling-houses
pot manufactory and premises
three plots of land
5-200th share in the Longton Market Company
several pews in the chapel of Saint John the Baptist, Longton


the Union Hotel, Longton where the sale of
the assets of John Lockett took place

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