Bates, Elliot & Co


Location and period of operation:

Bates, Elliot & Co




  Earthenware and porcelain manufacturer at the Dale Hall Works, Longport, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

"Manufacturers of earthenware for home and foreign markets, consisting of dinner, tea, toilet and desert ware, punchbowls, sanitary, photographic, druggist, electrical, galvanic and perfumery ware, porcelain slates, artist's ware, signboard letters, jet ware, etc." - 1870 trade directory.

Previously: Liddle Elliot & Son [1862-69]
Subsequently: Bates, Walker & Co [1875-78]

The poppy pattern by Bates, Elliot & Co
The poppy pattern by Bates, Elliot & Co


  chocolate pot marked Bates Elliot & Co
chocolate pot marked Bates Elliot & Co

The handle is a rope twist with gold . There is a gold line around the bottom
edge . The spout is outlined in gold and there is a ridge design on
the spout . There is a "decal" of red fern leaves trailing around
the top on either side of the handle and spout . The overall colour is
a deep tan .

The number a2746 is under the glaze and
the mould date of 12-7-74 is impressed into the bottom edge


Initials used on ware for identification:

B E & Co


Registered patent dates
of July 1872 and April 1873
[from the bottom of the chocolate pot shown above]

Bates & Elliot introduced this kneeling nude potter
mark and it was used by successive owners of the potworks.

on this mark

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