Melrose Pottery Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Melrose Pottery Co Ltd


approx 1972


 (See sources)

Earthenware manufacturer at the Phoenix Works, King Street, Longton and from mid 1976 at Heaths Passage, Normacot, Longton.

"The main product manufactured was the harnessed shire horse (small, medium and large) later to be accompanied by hand made carts. They also made a variety of dogs which included an American Great Dane and German Shepherd and one or two thoroughbred horses namely Arab's and Hunters and even the famous Red Rum. 

The owner a Mr Ken Robinson started the Business - apparently he used to take his ware to market packed in a tea chest in the back of an old Thames van. The General Manager was Lesley Robinson (brother of the the owner and a director ), the Head mould maker was Patrick Fielding, and the Modeller was Edward Drew (also a Director for some time). Their main rival was Melba Ware who also manufactured Shire Horses.
The ownership of earthenware shire horses proved to be a relatively short lived craze and unfortunately Melrose Pottery closed in 1979, having tried without success to diversify." 


Neil Newbon

Melrose Company Logo
Melrose Company Logo




Examples of Melrose Shire horses




the Melrose Pottery was at the Phoenix Works
from 1972 to 1976


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