Old Hall Earthenware Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Old Hall Earthenware Co Ltd



July 1886

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Prolific earthenware, china, stoneware and parian manufacturers at the Old Hall Works, Hanley.

Previously: Charles Meigh & Son
Subsequently: Old Hall Porcelain Works Ltd

Charles Meigh is listed as the managing director in 1870.
Harrod as manager between 1873 and 1889.
Taylor Ashworth is listed as managing director in 1892. 


Initials used on ware for identification:


O H E C (L)



early OLD HALL mark
early OLD HALL mark
probably before 1884 when the more
 familiar castle style mark (see below) was introduced.

 TOKAR is the pattern name


Jug and basin in the TOKAR pattern
Jug and basin in the TOKAR pattern


printed mark which was registered as a trade mark
in 1884 and used from this date onwards
- this mark was continued to be used
by the Old Hall Porcelain Works Ltd

Old Hall Earthenware Co
Designer: Christopher Dresser, 1834-1904 (attributed)

Manufacturer: Old Hall Earthenware Co.

circa 1880

14" (35.5 cm) high

Vase with painted floral decoration, in imitation of cloisonne, and gold figure handles. Stamped to base OLD HALL 1790. Dresser supplied a series of dinner plate designs to Old Hall in 1884 and a number of other designs by the company for jugs and vases of a slightly earlier date have been attributed to him. This vase is one of a series of designs for vases which incorporate eccentric figures as handles on an otherwise fairly conventionally designed vase.



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