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Pugh & Glover





The Hanley earthenware business was formally started in early 1875 by Samuel Pugh and Daniel Glover. Previously there had been a third partner William Davies.

The business first operated at the Waterloo Works, Nelson Place

Jewitt described the works as producing ordinary types of earthenware such as stoneware jugs, tea pots, toiletware etc, painted and enamelled, for both home and foreign markets. They did not mark their wares.

During 1876 the business moved for a short time to the Dresden Mills site, between Commercial Road and the Caldon Canal. In 1877 they finally located to the Pelham Street Works, off Lichfield Street. Production was expanded to include majolica, green glaze and ivory coloured earthenware. From 1880 there was a regular monthly advert in the Pottery Gazette and a London agent, Mogridge & Green, was used for advertising and export marketing. Pugh and Glover ceased trading at the end of 1886.

In 1887 Samuel Pugh formed a new partnership with George Hackney at the Pelham Street Works, the business continued until bankruptcy in 1893.



Pottery Gazette December 1879

Pugh & Glover
Pelham Works, Pelhan Street, off Lichfield Street, Hanley

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880


Pottery Gazette July 1885



Pugh & Glover cup and saucer 1886

Michael Glover





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