William Morley


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William Morley




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Earthenware manufacturer at the Baltimore Works, Albion Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

  • previously William Morley had been in business with Alfred Wright Steele trading as Morley & Co.

  • the partnership was dissolved in August 1880 and the business continued by William Morley. 

  • Concurrently with his earthenware business William Morley was in partnership with John Hancock - this was a business decorating china and earthenware - in Albion Street, Longton  - trading as Hancock & Co. 

  • Hancock & Co. was in business as the same time as William Morley's earthenware manufacturing business  

  • The partnership between Morley and Hancock was dissolved in May 1882 and Morley's earthernware busines did not survive for long afterwards. 


previously: Morley & Co. 

subsequently: Lewis Bentley & Co. 


London Gazette 13 August 1880

notice of the dissolution of the pottery decorating
partnership of John Hancock & Co.


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