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Bourne Chapel
Stone Road - Longton

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Bourne Chapel, Stone Road, Longton. Around 1910
Bourne Chapel, Stone Road, Longton. Around 1910
- in the 1950's Stone Road was renamed to Lightwood Road -

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the same view on Lightwood Road in 2010 - on the left is Tatton Street
Tatton Street was originally Francis Street - it was renamed in the 1950's

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 from: 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


Stone-road, Longton.— Erected in 1901 at a cost of £4,500. 

The Church has sitting accommodation for 750 persons. Behind the Church is a spacious galleried Lecture Hall, capable of accommodating 400. There are 16 class rooms and vestries. 

All sittings in the Church are absolutely free. 

Situated on a corner site, the Church has a commanding appearance, and ranks as one of the principal buildings in the town. 

Minister, Rev. Frederick H. Edwards, 51, Cromartie-street, Longton. 
Church Stewards, W. Evans, sen., and W. Evans, jun. 
Organist, B. Leese, Belgrave-road, Normacot. 
Choirmaster, W. J. Salt, Stone-road, Longton. 
Circuit Steward, J. Beswick, 59, Cromartie-street, Longton. 
Trust Secretary, F. Bosson. 35. Alberta-street, Longton. 
Caretaker, C. Fowler, 66, Cromartie-street, Longton. 


Sunday morning 10 45, evening 6: 
Sunday School, 9 30 and 2; 
Bible Class at 3; 
Monday Fellowship Meeting at 8: 
Tuesday, Christian Endeavour at 8; 
Wednesday, Choir Practice, 8; 
Thursday, Class Meeting at 8. 

Book used, Primitive Methodist Hymnal. 

Sunday School Address, Stone-road, Longton. 
Branches, George-street, Sandford Hill: and Alexandra-road, Normacot. 

Other Organisation in connection with the Church —Band of Hope.



 from: 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'

Stone Road

Sutherland Institute and
Free Library 
Librarian, Jos. Hobson
Caretaker, Thos. Dawes 
Headmaster Science Department, Dr. Walter
Harris, M. A.
Headmaster P.T. Centre, John R. Hickson, M.A.
Headmaster Art Department, William Morse

— Here is Rosslyn Road — 
— Here is Cromartie Sreet —

Walters, G. E., commission agent 

Ledgar, T. P., earthenware manufacturer

Leech, Ralph, commercial traveller 

Primitive Methodist Chapel
Minister, Rev. Geo. Jones

— Here is Francis Street —

Bates, John, china manufacturer

— Here is Dunrobin Street —

Parrington, Thos., Dunrobm Hotel (F.L.) Manageress, Miss Thomas 

86 Young, Clement, builder 

88 Ward, John, draper 

90 Mitcheson, Selina, widow 

92 Potter, T., commission agent 

94 Freakley, E., gas collector 

96 Hughes, H., potter's fireman


Bourne Primitive Methodist Church on the corner of Stone Road and Francis Street
- now Lightwood Road and Tatton Street -

1922 map



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