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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
Baddeley, John    factory assets in 1761 are recorded and who I think married Mary Wedgwood  during the 1760's. email: Vernon Evenson
Baggerley, Martha  born in Longton about 1843 She married George Brain ( probably in Longton ) and lived there till about 1879 when they moved to West Ham in London. She is supposed to have given birth to 24 children but only 9 survived. email:  Pauline Powell
Baines, James Burslem James Baines 1769-1842
Married London 1793. Arrived in Burslem 1801-1811 as School Master & Accountant. Birthplace/parentage sought.

email: David King
BAKER, John b.1865 37 Duke St Fenton In 1901 Census, a Potter's Dipper. 
Wife: JENKINS, Emma Louisa 
5 children: William, Colin, Ellen, Mary, John
email:  Lena Garrett
BAKER, Colin b.1890 6 Heathcote Rd Fenton Wife: BIRKS, Mary Elizabeth 
children: Annie, Colin, Emma-Louise, Mary Elizabeth, Irene,
John, Edwin, Raymond.
email:  Lena Garrett
Bale, Emma    Thomas Richard Sanders (1793-1879) married Emma Bale in 1816. She was the sister of Thomas Bale, married Hannah Ridgway and of Sophia Bale, married John Ridgway email: Richard Sanders
BARNETT Stoke-on-Trent Arthur Barnett. 1878-1971. He lived in Red Lion Square, Chesterton. email: Ruth Woodward
BASON Angelina 
(born 1849 Castlebar Co mayo)
 Ironmarket, 145 Brighton St Stoke on Trent & 53 West St


other details: father john BASON, wedding witness elizabeth BASON, husband Isaac NEWTON email: Joy Asghar
Bates, John  John was living in Longton, before he married, and Isabella was living in Dresden John was born in 1856/57, his fathers name was William, they were both miners, John married Isabella Amison in Oct.1887 in S.O.T. register office. email: Carroline Roberts
Beardmore, Mary    born on April 23, 1854 - she was married to Rev. Joseph Morrey a Methodist minister from Burslem or Hanley email
Bedson family Grove Street, Knutton around 1900
(lived in peake street before this)
charles bedson married lydia rigby and they had a daughter sarah born 1903, she had an illigitimate son charles emery  bedson in 1923 (still living at 5 grove street knutton) email: Peter C Bedson
BEECH, Elizabeth  They lived at Lower Street, Newcastle; Pool Dam and Knutton. married James NORCUP who was born about 1860.

Elizabeth BEECH's family came from Halmer End (Harvey Beech owned a barber's shop and sweet shop there, and they owned some type of pit in Miles Green).

email: Sara Colquhoun
BEECH, William  7 Pall Mall, Hanley  born in the Stoke area in 1863 and married to Ann Jane ELKIN in 1889 email: Liz Leighton (nee Beech) 
William Bell was bapt. 18/10/1818 at Burslem, to John and Mary (nee Peake)

William married Maria Hele at Newcastle 1846. their 1st child William Edwin was bapt.1847 at  Liverpool. 
2nd son John Hele was 1849 at Newcastle-u-L but by 1851 they were in L'pool where they stayed.


later Liverpool

John & Mary They were married 27/11/1806 at Stoke-on-Trent. 
John & Mary had several children in Stoke area including Joseph, born 11/8/1808, who also went to L'pool, and John, bapt.30/8/1812.
John Rowe
Bennett, John William He was born in Tunstall being the son of Samuel Bennett, Druggist at No. 68 which later became 100 High Street, Tunstall on the corner with Rathbone Street. John William Bennett was employed by Grindleys. He died in 1906 John William Bennett was my grandfather's elder brother.

email: Peter Bennett 

Berrington,  Robert 43 Market Place, Burslem - in business as a grocer in 1851 Great, Great, Grandfather (also Robert) was landlord of The Legs of Man, Market Place, Burslem in 1836) Great Grandfather of:
email:  Brian Berrington
Bettany, George  Lane End,  1822 - 1830 email: Derek Bettany
Birks, William 61 Church Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme At Newcastle in 1895.  At the time he was visiting in England as he had some time earlier made his home in Buchanan, Michigan, USA.  great-great grandfather of Kathy Crapo; Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


BIRKS, Mary Elizabeth b. 1893 Gregory St. Longton.  married ca 1912 to Colin Baker (nee Jenkins). d. March 1950.
 Mother Annie. Father Albert both born in Longton. 
Siblings: Patricia, Annie, Herbert, John, Martha, Levi, Mary Elizabeth, Albert, Emily, Sophia and Joseph.
email:  Lena Garrett
James Birks (b. Abt. 1801, d. Apr. 4, 1848) and his wife, Martha (b. Abt.1802, d. Jan. 17, 1855.)   Both were devout New Connexion Methodists and are buried at St. James Church, Longton (Staffordshire.) email: Mary Louise Birks
William Bloore Stoke-on-Trent   email: Ruth Woodward
Ann Bloor  99 Hot Lane, Burslem.  found in 1881 Census at 94 Hot Lane. wife of John Jackson; married about Sept
1850; - later
the wife of James Abbotts
email: Hilary Jackson
BOOTH    b: Abt. 1905 Congleton, Cheshire, m: Abt. 1944 in England d: Aft. 1953 in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England
email: Anna Arrol
Booth (or Boole), Edward. Born Clunbury, Shropshire in 1850 and christened Edward Boole.
Lived in the Shelton area of Hanley.
He was a Grave digger and lived in Crown St., Hanley from 1885 to 1912. His brother Thomas lived in the same street. email: John S. Booth.
BOWLERMARY ELIZABETH  born 31 Aug 1891 possibly at Goldenhill.

Their residence at the time of marriage was 50 Linehouses, near Goldenhill. 

Father was Robert Bowler born 24 Aug 1869 and he was an engineer.
Mother was Susan Leech born 01 Dec 1870.  Married on 19 March 1913 at Goldenhill to William Robert Chesters born 04 Nov 1889 possibly at Tunstall.   They came to Canada in 1913.   
email: Joan Smith
BRATT Mary b c 1827 Newcastle-under-Lyme
mar John Bason children Angelina b 1849 Charles b 1851 Elizabeth b 1854
re mar John cliff of Clayton staffs in 1859
children Lucy Mary b 1860, Eliza b 1867, Florence b 1868
1861 at Cumberland St. 1871 at Hassells St.
location unknown for 1881
email: Joy Asghar
BRATT Thomas b 1788 a wheelwright Newcastle under lyme
son James b c 1813 also a wheelwright Hannah 24 may 1829 at Saint Giles Newcastle
email: Joy Asghar
BRATT Jessie & bro Levi
1871 42 Chell St Hanley & Hassell St Newcastle.
1881 May Bank, Wolstanton              1891 New St, Wolstanton


occupation wheelwrights


email: Joy Asghar
Marjorie Breeze (nee Sheldon)  lived in Victoria St, Basford 1930-40 era she married around 1937-38 era. email:  Neale Sheldon
Brindell  Stoke-on-Trent, Trent Vale. She married ?Inigo Jones and had a daughter Annie Jones, Born around 1875 or 76.  She had at least 2 sisters: Connie Brindell Malfrass, and Mary Elizabeth Brindell. email: Kara  
Elizabeth  b. 1863 in Newcastle
Rose b. 1868 in Hanley
Frederick Charles b. 1871 in Leek
living in Stoke Upon Trent in the 1881 census. Both parents had died. My g-grandfather Joseph Broome in Leek in 1874 and my g-grandmother Elizabeth (nee James) Broome in 1878. The
address given in the census was 10 Cobden Street.
email: Philippa Oppenheim
Brunt Stoke-on-Trent    email: Eileen Hallam
BurtonHannah  b. 1803 Leek - baptised Newcastle under
accused of theft in Burslem, convicted Staffordshire Assizes,
arrived Van Dieman's Land aka Tasmania 1823
email: Joseph Burton
Byatt, Horace Burslem?  Horace Byatt (1844? - 1907) who, according to family history, was art master at Burslem School of Art.
He married Laura Archer, possibly in Burslem, around 1872
email: Laura Hogg

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