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Carey - John or Thomas lived at Longton - Island House The Carey Brothers worked a number of large pottery factories including the Anchor Works at Lane End (now called Longton).

email: Russell Carey
email: Alison Wood

Cartwright, Moses
Cartwright, Thomas
lived at Longton - Island House Moses worked for the pottery industry all his life I understand. His uncle was Thomas Cartwright of Hill Hall, High Offley, Stone. He too was involved in flint milling I think email: Alison Wood
Albert Ellis Chambers  living at 43 or 45 Queen Street, Tunstall. (which is now McGough Street). born in Derby in 1872 and Married Caroline Marie Heap in Christ Church, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent in 1894.

Albert Ellis was the Manager of a Provisions Store, but I do not know which one.

email: Brian R. Chambers
CHESTERS, WILLIAM ROBERT   born 04 Nov 1889 possibly at Tunstall.
Their residence at the time of marriage was 50 Linehouses near
Parents were William and Mary Jane Chesters who resided at Linehouses, near Goldenhill.  Both father and son were coal miners.  Married on 19
March 1913 at Goldenhill to Mary Elizabeth Bowler born 31 Aug 1891.
They came to Canada in 1913.
email: Joan Smith
Child, Sarah Longton born 1844, Married John Warner 1866 Caverswall, emigrated to Timaru, New Zealand.
email: Jean McIver
CHORLTON Stoke-on-Trent Ellen Chorlton (formerly Bloore) who was married to George Hammersley Chorlton. She died on 20th December, 1944 at 15 Derby St, Burslem, aged 88 years(G. Chorlton was her son).

William Chorlton 1893-1963. In Royal Army Medical Corps. in WW1.

George Hammersley Chorlton 1852-1912. Born at Shelton. Died at Wellesley St, Hanley. Father, James Chorlton. Mother,  Caroline Furnival. Married Ellen Bloore in 1873.

email: Ruth Woodward
John Collinson 83 Bold St. Born in 1855. Worked as a Potters Placer in Stoke Upon Trent in 1881.He was married to  Hannah (Brammer) and she was also born in 1855. email: Carole Preble.
Franklin, MA,  USA
William Corns  Jenkins St (off Hamil Road), Burslem. William Corns married Mary Steele. they had 6 children-William--Harriet---Albert---Mary----Annie----Eliza. Eliza came to America?? and she married  Robert Bevington from East Liverpool,Ohio. Then later moved to Kittanning,PA email: LizzyB
Coxon, William (son of Frederick and Elizabeth Coxon) George Street, Longton. (b.?? d. 5 June 1918 in WW1)
married to Grace Hales, (b.27 July 1887-d.9 August 1965), of Anchor road, Longton, Staffs
email: Gordon Coxon