Stoke-on-Trent family history and genealogy


 People looking for relatives from Stoke-on-Trent - Surname E

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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
Eardley, William  7 Cross street, Tunstall born 1 Dec 1846 at Wellington Place Tunstall. email: Godfrey Eardley
Ekin Longton & Salop   email: Eileen Hallam
ELKIN, Ann Jane born in Wolstanton in 1867 married in Stoke in 1889 to William BEECH - born in the Stoke area in 1863.  At the time of his son`s (also William) birth his occupation is listed as Curator of the School of Art and the family was living at 7 Pall Mall, Hanley email: Liz Leighton (nee Beech)
EVANS family
Margaret Roberts, parents Peter and Ellen Roberts, married Robert Evans , father David Evans, at the Wesleyan chapel Stoke on Trent 1872,
Margaret Evans died 1896.
they had a daughter, Eleanor Garratt Evans 1883 and lived in East View st.   email: Maggie Stewart

19 March 2005