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FINNEY Hanley,  Northwood and Abbey Hulton. Arthur Finney lived at 17 Ward Street, Hanley in  1901.
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Reverend Joseph Fletcher Worked in Hanley with the Congregational Church for 10 years and left in 1849.
His first marriage in Hanley ended in the first year with the death of his wife
He remarried Mary Ann Hudson in 1845
They moved to Christchurch Hampshire where he was a respected Independent Minister
until his death in 1876
Married Mary Ann Hudson (b.1815. m.1845 d. c.1895) in Mares Green Chapel, West Bromwich 7 November 1845


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(husband is Joseph Fletcher's great grandson)

FURNIVAL Stoke-on-Trent   email: Ruth Woodward
FROST Sarah b 1853 Tittensor
Eliza b 1871, Sarah Jane b 1873, George Edward b 1876, William b 1887, Samuel b 1890, Joseph b 1891, Ernest b 1893


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