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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
Jo Gallimore Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent around 1870 email: Catherine Paolucci
GILMORE descendants of Robert Gilmore (1812-1881) and Ann Birch (1816-1889),   website  
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Glover, May born 1893 Longton - She was born in 1893 and Baptized at Normacott sister Ethel Glover Walker and two brothers William and Thomas.  The immediate family all immigrated to
the US around 1914. The relatives in Stoke were May and William Beardmore (brother and sister) and Winifred Connors who was a teacher, I believe, at a Catholic School in the area.
email: Nancy Crimmins
William Goodwin William was from "Bucknall," married Hannah Salt at Stoke-On-Trent, on 23 Oct 1809 email: Clarke Whitehand
I am researching my family history under the name of Goodwin. I have my great-grandfather name which was Daniel Bailey Goodwin and I believe he lived in Trentham.
I have been told that my Great Grandfather owned a coal mine with another partner.

My Grandfather's name was: Daniel Benjamin Goodwin and he lived with his wife Mary in Clyde Street Shelton.

I have been told that they married in Shelton Church

Their children were: William Goodwin (My father)
Polly Goodwin Died 1945 - 1948
Sam Goodwin Died a few months old
Hilda Goodwin Died in Hanchurch Homes (I think)
Alice Goodwin Died in Hanchurch Homes (I think)
Annie Goodwin Died in Leicestershire
Cissie Goodwin Died in Hanley
Lily Goodwin Still alive (2003)
Frank Goodwin Died in Bucknall
Daniel Goodwin Died before 1945
Edith Goodwin Died 1964 - 1970

email: Yvonne Hitchen
William GREATBATCH born 1735,a potter who died in stoke-on-trent in 1813  born in staffordshire his son also named william born in 1767 was a potter and was married in stoke-on-trent to Mary 
BRISTOL on july 5 1791.Their son levi  was a china/glass dealer in oxford born in Wolstanton
email: Kate Van Rooyen
Riverside road


married Arthur NEWTON in 1907 at St Peters church remarried in 1935 to Joseph HUGHES also at St Peters Stoke on Trent. email: Joy Asghar
GUEST (descendants of George Guest (b Burslem c 1759),   website  
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