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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
Walter Hales   baptised 1824 Stoke upon Trent. Also the Hales and Hale in this area, from a diary I have dating back to 1690. email: WL Kiefer 
James Hall born August 5, 1883 Stoke on Trent His father was Henry or William Henry Hall who was a metal moulder.
There is a possibility that James had a twin brother named William Hall.
Again, there is a possiblity that James was baptized in Christ Church, Cobridge, as well as William but on different dates.

James Hall married Maria Williams at Christ Church, Cobridge on April 28, 1907
Penny Hall Masellis (Toronto, Canada)
Hall Burslem My grandmother, Dolina Mary Hall, was born March 18, 1897 in Burslem. She was the daughter of Joseph William Hall, date of birth and death unknown. He married Ellen Gordon, daughter of Dolina Henry and William
Sutherland Gordon.

When my grandmother's grandfather died (date unknown), he left a wheelwright business located in Burslem, to his son, Joseph William
Hall. My grandmother's uncles, Tom, Jack and Harry, inherited the pottery business.
email: Janice Murray
Hallam Stoke-on-Trent   email: Eileen Hallam
HAMMERSLEY Stoke-on-Trent   email: Ruth Woodward
William Henry Hassall born in 1846. 

James Bradbury Hassall born in 1871

Fenton William married Eliza Bradbury born in 1848

James married Emily Newton born 1872

Richard B Hassall
Haywood, Jonas (Thomas)  in 1891 they were living in Tall House on High Lane Burslem he had around 12-13 children.  he came from Macclesfield. but known the be in Stoke-on-Trent in 1871, as his son Charles was born in Tunstall email: 
HOOD Stoke-on-Trent
Elizabeth Hood (listed incorrectly as Wood at the Register Office) 1855-1927. Mother Mary Baddley, father William Hood. Lived at Red Street, Chesterton. Married Thomas Platt in 1881 in Chesterton.  Died at 46 Church St, Wood Lane, Audley.
email: Ruth Woodward
Thomas Huson (b.11 April 1821 and died 19 August 1881). 
  Also his father was William Huson (died 1839) and mother was Lettuce Poole (?).
email: Cilla Turver
HUGHES family
Richard Hughes married Ann Wakefield, after her death married widow Jane Parry,(nee Roberts ) , Hope parish 1887 and lived in Gt York st and Hulton st Hanley,
  children by Richards first marriage to Ann, Emily, Annie, Hugh
and, Charlotte. Hugh married Betsy Johnson 1894 parish of Northwood, her father was Simon Johnson and they had 3 daughters and moved to Mansfield area.
email: Maggie Stewart
Hughes, Maud  Tunstall & Chell area

James Wilfred Triner married Maud Hughes in 1936 Maud suffered from Tuberculosis so she spent a great deal of time in hospital. 
Maud died in 1943. Maud's father was Harry Harris Hughes.
Maud & Wilf married in the church of St. Mary's in Tunstall

email:  James Stevenson
Hughes  Hughes family in Etruria John Hughes worked as a furnace man and his son Thomas Hughes worked as a puddler for Shellton Iron Works (from the 1881 census)
Trying to find John's daughter, Jane Hughes b. 186l in Etruria's she married Thomas Watkin (married ab. 1878-9.)



Yvonne Watkin

John Hulme   &  SONS! Jesse b.1789 ABSOLAN  ALSO  KNOWN AS ABRAHAM. b 1793    
David b 1791 John b 1795 worked at the potteries lived at Hanley went to Swinton near Rotherham.
Son jesse born1789 . Jesse goes to St. austrel cornwall marries elizabeth Trewolla 1813. they come back and work at swinton then move back to  ALBION St. hanley
Jesse and son's make pottery which is branded J HULME AND SON'S


Hulme family
[ see below ]
George Hulme was born in Longton in 1812, though christened in Wolstanton on Christmas Day 1813. I guess the family had moved to Wolstanton because he was to marry Amelia Richardson there on 29 December 1833. [ see below ]


email:  David Horton
Hulse Tunstall John Hulse who had a Drapers shop in High Street, Tunstall around 1814 and William Hulse his son who had the drapery business around 1846 email:
Norman F Hulse
Thomas HULSE 
[ see below
    email: Graham Hulse
Hurst Dilhorne  Have traced back to 1650 in Dilhorne but interested in all families, especially from Longton, Dilhorne and Caverswall.

Ann Margetson 



Thomas HULSE = Dorothy FALLOWS m 13 Sept1779 Trentham

(their son) Thomas HULSE = Sarah BOOTH m 14 July 1813

(their son) John HULSE [bapt].04/03/1827 + Jane WEBBERLEY m . 8 May 1856 

(their son) Harry HULSE b. 10-FEB-1862 d. 06-JAN-1929 = Jane (Jennie) GILBERT b. 12-JUL-1863 d. 13-AUG-1954

Harry and Jane went to New Zealand in 1887

email: Graham Hulse


Mary Hulme was my great grandmother. 

Is there any way of finding out who the Hulmes worked for? 
Is the Heathote Rd address significant in relation to where they might have worked? 
Does anyone have access to the 1871 census do you? That would give me not only more information on the Hulmes, but also on James Horton, a miner, who at least in 1872 was living in Gregory Street with at least a son Thomas.

The Hulmes
George Hulme was born in Longton in 1812, though christened in Wolstanton on Christmas Day 1813. I guess the family had moved to Wolstanton because he was to marry Amelia Richardson there on 29 December 1833. She was born in Manchester, 9 September 1812, her parents Thomas and Elizabeth. The Hulmes were a Potteries family (although one son became a miner). George Hulme described himself as a 'Potter's Printer' and one of his sons was a 'Potter's Presser' (helped by his wife a 'Potter's Presser Assistant') and our Mary was a 'Potter'.

George and Amelia had at least 12 children over the 25 years from their marriage, Amelia being 46 when her last child was born. At least three died young, possibly a fourth. They had:
Eliza christened 15/11/1835
George 18/12/1836 (died 5/7/1851)
Amelia 13/4/1838 (I assume dies young)
Thomas 24/12/1839
Joseph 2/5/1841
Henry 19/6/1842
John Richardson Hulme 22/10/1843
Samuel 3/8/1845 (who died 19/7/1846)
Samuel 7/8/1848
(Mary 1852)
George Richardson Hulme 23/10/1853
Amelia Maria Hulme 8/9/1858

I have put our Mary in brackets because there is some confusion in the IGI about her (two Mary Hulmes born 1851, one dying at the age of 11) and the FreeBMD has two Mary Hulmes born in 1852 (the right year).

Whatever, Mary Hulme meets Thomas Horton, born in Coventry but having travelled north to find work as a miner (with, presumably, his father James, with the same problem). They marry in Edensor Parish Church, Stoke. Mary has been living with her family in Heathcote Road, Thomas with his in Gregory Street. Witnesses are Eliza Thomas and Richard Wright, and they named their first child after Eliza. Both Mary and Thomas are illiterate.

Mary and Thomas Horton initially have two children, Lissie (I assume this is a nickname but I don't know for what) born in Longton in 1873 and Joseph J. (James?) born in Burntwood in 1878. There may have been others in between who didn't survive.

The Hulme family by 1881 was still living in 'Heathcote Court' at 17 Heathcote Road. I assume this was a tenement with several 'flats'. George (at age 69 describing himself as an 'unemployed Potter's Printer') and Amelia were living there, as was their son Joseph (the Potter's Presser) and his wife Ann Maria. Next door at number 15 was their son Thomas (a miner), a lodger in the house of a charwoman and her family. And Thomas and Mary Horton moved into number 17 as well with their two children. I guess Thomas might have been out of work, or perhaps this was a temporary arrangement

email:  David Horton
Gundaroo, New South Wales, Australia