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 People looking for relatives from Stoke-on-Trent - Surname J

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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
John Jackson
99 Hot Lane, Burslem  husband of Ann Bloor; married about Sept 1850; died before 1881 email: Hilary Jackson
John Jackson - son of Ann Bloor and John Jackson (above) 
99 Hot Lane, Burslem; found in 1881 Census at 94 Hot Lane living with mother and stepfather James and Ann Abbotts;  Born 23 August 1860.
Married Eliza Price 21 September 1889
at St Paul's Burslem; residence at marriage 81 Liverpool Road
email: Hilary Jackson
JENKINS, Emma Louisa bapt 2 Jan 1870 St James, Longton.   Married 1893 to John Baker. Mother Sarah Ann. Father Henry was from Worcester email:  Lena Garrett
JOHNSON, Henry (father Edward)   Henry JOHNSON (father Edward) and Ada MILLINGTON (father Frederick) who were married on the  11/01/1920 at the parish church Porthill email:  Ian Hough
Jones Longton   email: Eileen Hallam
Jones, Annie (mother's maiden name was ? Brindell). In January of 1940 she had an Aunt Connie Malfrass who lived at 14 School St., Stoke-on-Trent, Trent Vale b.1875/6 email: Kara  


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