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 People looking for relatives from Stoke-on-Trent - Surname L

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Surname of relative house location other details person seeking information
LEECH, SUSAN  born 01 Dec 1870 in Tunstall Her father was Silas Leech. She married Robert Bowler born 24 Aug 1869.  They came to Canada in 1913
and lived in Russell, Manitoba.  She died 01 April 1918.
email: Joan Smith
LEES, Elizabeth  1881 Census Elizabeth was a boarder with Thomas Dean, a potters mould maker at Riley Street, Burslem Elizabeth Lees probably worked for Meshach DEAN as a china manufacturer great grandmother of - 

Fay [nee Colclough] Bielewicz.
Lockett, Jane Dorothy
  married Samuel Mellor. Her father took "cream" to a pottery in Stoke-on-Trent in a boat named "Juno". email: Robin Boutilier
Lyth, Samuel Wain  Burslem area and was born around 1863 He moved to the Ohio area by Penn sometime in the 1870/80's email: Sam Lyth


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