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Feargus Francis Emmett Parry, married Jane Ellen Roberts 1870 Hanley, her parents Peter and Ellen Roberts , his father, Robert Parry, mother Sarah Ann Parry (nee Hemmings,)
  3 daughters, Sarah Eleanor, Margaret, Jane. Francis Parry died 1877, Hanley .
Sarah Eleanor Parry married Joseph Harrison 1898 Wellington Church , Stoke on Trent, his father Ambrose Harrison, her father Feargus Parry, mother Jane Roberts.
email: Maggie Stewart
Hannah Pennington / (Oakes)   John Pennington and Ann Craddock parents of Hannah
Pennington / (Oakes) Abt 1800/1824
email: Frederick Oakes
Phillips  Lightoaks, Milton area The couple had an only son Arthur John Bryan Phillips who was born in 1901-1902.  Unfortunately, due to Arthur JB marrying Lilian Timmis, his family disowned him - he owned or worked on a farm in Light Oaks, Milton. email: Gill Caton
Pinder  Thomas Pinder and wife Mary lived on 188 Waterloo Road their daughter, Elizabeth Pinder Waterhouse, of Honolulu email: Sue Anna Waterhouse Wells of Honolulu, Hi
PLATT Stoke-on-Trent Ida Platt 1894-1964 Born  at Wood Lane Audley.Married William Chorlton at Newcastle U Lyme in 1916. She was then living at 42 Church St, Audley

Thomas Platt 1851-1913. Born in Wybunbury. Mother Martha Platt.  Died at 12 Chapel St, Audley

  Ruth Woodward
Pointon, Jack Stoke-on-Trent born 1907.
Parents were named Clement and Elizabeth (nee Brown). They later moved to Oswestry
email: Diane Carrington (nee Pointon)
PORTER  TUNSTALL PORTER 1800 , ANN, JAMES, email:   D.R. Porter
Prendergast, John & Mary    b1835/37 and Mary of Stoke on Trent.  They had 10 children living.   Peter, b1872, stayed in Stoke, married and had children, d1938.  My family is descended from his oldest brother, Henry, who emigrated to the USA. email: Heather Phelps
Eliza Price 
residence at marriage 81 Liverpool Road. aged 20 when married on 21 September 1889 at St Paul's Burslem;
spouse John Jackson;
email: Hilary Jackson