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RAVENSCROFT Stoke-on-Trent   email: Ruth Woodward
James Riley born 1809 Cavan Ireland, married Elizabeth ( born 1822 Bradley Derbyshire)  maiden name not known or date of marriage.


On the 1881 Census they were living at 4 Lomas Row Hanley. By 1891 They were living at 22 York Street and Elizabeth is listed as the head of the family, so presumable James is dead by this date
Ann born 1860 Belper Debyshire married John Kelly/Kelley had a son called Peter
Martha born 1862 Belper Derbyshire married (John?) Thornhill had a son called John.
Elizabeth born 1866 Longton Staffs had a son called James Riley killed 1915 Gallipoli.
James born 1870 Belper Derbyshire.
Rose born 1872 Hanley married James Mcgarry 2nd May 1892.
Winnie Foster
ROBERTS family
Thomas Roberts, born Flintshire 1855, parents Peter and Ellen Roberts , married Martha Swetnam 1876 Etruria
  children, Martha, born 1879, Peter born 1881, (married Clara Turner 1911) Thomas, born 1883,( married Margaret Edwards /Jones, 1905,) and lived in Portland st , ( corner shop) but moved to Yorks about 1912, Alice Roberts born 1887, Eleanor born 1892. They lived in Greville st and Denbigh st Hanley. email: Maggie Stewart
ROBERTS, descendants of William Roberts (b c 1803)   website  -
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John Richard Roberts born 1859 Hanley, married Elizabeth Mellor 1888, parish of Hope , his parents Peter and Ellen Roberts, her father Enoch Mellor.    They had several children, Arthur, Sarah, Elizabeth, Beatrice, John, Alice, Percy. They lived in Hulton St Hanley . email: Maggie Stewart
ROBERTS, Hubert Henry born 1863, Wilnecote, Tamworth Died 1909, Stoke.
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Married 1889 in Shelton to Martha Eaton (bn 1867 Bucknell, died 1923 Stoke on Trent) Parents Anthony and Sarah Roberts (nee Doward) both from Forest of Dean, Glos. Anthony died 1890 in Stoke. email: Anne Sherman


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