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Teeton,  William

b. 9/2/1848  St Giles, Northampton d. 1924. Stoke on Trent

Lived 48  Russell Road, Garston at the time of Horace's birth - parents William Teeton (bootmaker) and Caroline Pratt (Married 1833 Northampton)

Married 1) Ellen Moxon 20/2/1868.  (deceased) One child Ethel Lauretto b.1868
Married 2) Elizabeth Evans 1878 - 5 children, Horace William b.1880, Dora b.1882, Cecil b. 1884, Percy Randolph b. 1886, Muriel b.1889

Grandfather - Horace William

email: Mary Redgate

Tellwright Cobridge   email: Terry Watkin
THORNEYCROFT Stoke-on-Trent   email: Ruth Woodward
Thorley, Albert Fletcher (b. 1875) in about 1920 he was a Licensed Victualler and Beerseller at the George & Dragon in Newcastle. He must have been there for a few years as my own father, Albert Thorley was born in 1908 'in a pub in The Iron Market'. in 1908 he married Myra Annie Dancer, formerly Bristol email: David Thorley
THORNTON Patrick b 1874 Newcastle-under-Lymer
married Sarah Jane.
children: Alice b 1897,  James b 1900, Joseph b 1899 1901 at 27 Bow St.
email: Joy Asghar
Trentham     email:  Dr JoAn Trentham
Triner, James Wilfred  Tunstall & Chell area

James Wilfred Triner married Maud Hughes in 1936 Maud suffered from Tuberculosis so she spent a great deal of time in hospital. 
Maud died in 1943. Maud's father was Harry Harris Hughes.
Maud & Wilf married in the church of St. Mary's in Tunstall

email:  James Stevenson
Turner, Paul his brother Joseph Henry Turner had his own Brickworks in the 1920,s He had a large family of sons and one daughter Laura. Newcastle His father was Charles and mother Matilda, my grandfather was Joseph Henry. Paul was born  about 1874 in Newcastle. email: Margaret Wooldridge. (nee Turner)
Turner Family 

Husband was Joshua Turner and wife Ann Turner. Joshua was a master house painter. 

10 Victoria St in Stoke on Trent There were 14 children in all. Some of the older ones worked in Potters Warehouse and labourers in the Brass Factory. Four of the girls emigrated to Canada in early 1900's and then onto the U.S. One daughter Elizabeth was married to Samuel Whittingham son of Mary and David Whittingham. The four girls who emigrated were Elizabeth (Turner) Whittingam, Ethel Turner, Gladys Turner, & Frances Turner. The baby of the family "Norman" born in 1898 served in the Indian Conflict. The family attend the Hartshill Holy Trinity Church. email: Margie Jackson 
TURNER, Florence Gertrude known as Florrie 75 Edward St Fenton
father James Turner a house painter and sister Elsie May Turner. Florence worked at the potteries.
email: Joy Asghar
William Turner 1920  lived at 18 Rectory road, Hanley Stoke on Trent.
Died 25th Nov 1932 age 49 - 
He married Emily who had been married before to a Highfield she was formally Lymer.
email: Pauline
TURNER family
Clara Turner married Peter Roberts 1911, his parents were Peter and Ellen Roberts , her parents were Charles Turner and Anne Eliza (nee
Hipkiss) ( Bilston)
   other children, Charles, Florrie, Leonard, Martha and 59 Sydney st 1901.
email: Maggie Stewart