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J H Weatherby & Sons (Ltd)

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J H Weatherby & Sons (Ltd)

at Tunstall (1891 only) then Falcon Pottery, Hanley 1892 - April 2000

1891-April 2000


Description & date

J H W & SONS initials found on several different designs of printed marks. Often the name of the pattern is included.

1891 onwards

Printed mark used 1891 only when Weatherby were at Tunstall.

In 1892 the firm moved to Hanley - see the mark below.

printed mark 1892+
FALCON WARE Trade name used from 1925 onwards. 
printed mark 1928+

Printed marks 1936+

Including the trade names 
"Falcon Ware" 
"Falcona Ware"
"Royal Crownford"

printed mark 1936+
Overprinted on the standard Weatherby mark:

Markings on the back are: "London Pride" in a banner, "J.H. Weatherby & Sons Ltd, Hanley England, Reproduced from genuine hand engravings, and Made In Staffordshire, the home of fine English pottery".


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