150 years of the Shelton Works - page 19



Coking Plant
Coking Plant
Because of the works thirst for coke, new ovens were under continuous development.



The company purchased another three collieries - Florence, Silverdale and Talke - over the next fifteen years, with a further Holdich Colliery being purchased as late as 1930.

Electricity came to the Works in those early Twentieth Century days after the building of the first generator on the canal side of Etruria Hall.

The dark clouds of war were gathering on the horizon, and developments at the Works were dictated by the Ministry of Munitions. During 1914 and 15 a new 18-inch rolling mill was built, followed by fuel and ore bunkers to serve the blastfurnaces. Until the Ministry of Munitions had stepped in during the war, the Shelton Company, had for a number of years been starved in real terms of sufficient funds for modernisation and expansion, was now to receive Government help.