150 years of the Shelton Works - page 26




The sinter plant
The sinter plant


Once peace was restored, Shelton got about its business again, and in 1947 an ore stocking ground was created on the grange, alongside a crushing plant.

During the same year Shelton lost control of all its pits as the Government nationalised the mines. In 1951 came the first nationalisation of the steel industry, when the assets of all sizable iron and steel plants were taken under the wing of the government.
That move was to be reversed in 1953, and the industry was given back into the hands of the previous owners. In the same year Shotton was improved with the addition of its own blastfurnace plant, and this was to have an obvious bearing on the future of Shelton.

At this time the Shelton operation was making an efficient contribution to the Summers empire. However towards the end of the Fifties it became obvious that the plant was becoming weary and outmoded, in spite of systematic improvements, including the building of a Sinter plant.