A photo walk around Ash Hall, Werrington Stoke-on-Trent
Job Meigh & the Ash Hall Estate

The Meigh family and Bucknall Parish Church
(St. Mary's)


St. Mary Church, Bucknall
St. Mary Church, Bucknall


Job Meigh was buried in Bucknall Parish Church because he changed his religious affiliation when he moved to Ash Hall.

Initially he was a prominent member of the Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Hanley. In 1811 his firm had contributed £25 towards the enlargement of Bethesda Chapel and a further £100 in 1819. 

In the mid 19th century the Meigh family became involved with St Mary’s Anglican Church in Bucknall. 

In 1847 when the first moves were made to rebuild the church Job Meigh became a member of the building committee while his son, William Mellor Meigh, was elected chairman. Job Meigh donated £100 towards the building costs besides advancing money to pay the builder during the course of construction. When the new church was completed in 1856 Job Meigh purchased the most prominent spot by the chancel for a family vault. 

William Mellor Meigh I died in 1876, aged 69, and was buried in the family vault in Bucknall Parish Church.

In 1884 William Mellor Meigh II claimed that a pew in Bucknall Parish Church was the private property of the family. Following a dispute over the ownership there was a court case in 1886 where the judge ruled that no evidence had been produced to identify the pew with the ownership of Ash House, which Job Meigh had purchased in 1837. After this ruling William Mellor Meigh II never attended Bucknall Parish Church again and was buried in a new family vault in Wetley Rocks churchyard.