A photo walk around Ash Hall, Werrington Stoke-on-Trent
Job Meigh & the Ash Hall Estate

Key dates in the history of the Meigh family


1750-1817 Job Meigh I
1784-62 Birth of Job Meigh II
1805 Job Meigh II married Elizabeth, the daughter of William Mellor of Johnson's Chrles Street Pottery in Hanley.
1807 Initially Job Meigh II worked for his father in the Old Hall Potter but by 1807 he had let to go into partnership with Richard Hicks, his brother-in-law. 
1817 Death of Job Meigh I
1837 Ash Hall was the home of Job Meigh II untill his death in 1862
1856 Job Meigh II purchased family vault at the newly built St. Mary's Church, Bucknall.
1862 Death of Job Meigh II
1862-70 Elizabeth Meigh (the widow of Job Meigh II) continued to occupy Ash Hall untill her death in 1870.
1870 The son William Mellor Meigh I moved from Ash House to the Ash Hall.
1876 William Mellor Meigh I died in 1876, aged 69, and was buried in the family vault in Bucknall Parish Church.
1876-1922 Ash Hall became the residence of the Hall untill his death in 1922.