Hadderidge Pottery, Burslem

"Hadderidge Pottery
These works, carried on by Thomas Heath— and afterwards, successively, by John Wedgwood, Mr. Phillips, and W. & G. Harding - came into the hands of Heath & Blackhurst in 1859, who were succeeded by Blackhurst & Tunnicliffe, and then in 1880 by Blackhurst & Bourne, by whom they were continued for middle-class quality earthenware, plain and decorated, for the home trade. In this class, all the usual table, toilet, tea and other services and a variety of other articles were made. The mark is a garter, encircling the initials H & B., B & T., or B & B. 
Messrs. Blackhurst & Bourne continued to 1892. From 1895 to 1904, Messrs. W. Edwards & Sons worked the Hadderidge Pottery."

Jewitt's 'Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900' 


From To Occupier Comments
1809 (12) 1835 Thomas Heath  
    John Wedgwood  
    Mr. Phillips  
    W. & G. Harding  
      at sometime there appears to have been a "Heath & Tunnicliffe"  
1859 1879 Heath & Blackhurst  
1879 1879 Blackhurst & Tunnicliffe  
1880 1892 Blackhurst & Bourne in 1892 Bourne joined with Leigh at the Albion and Leighton Potteries, Burslem as Bourne & Leigh
1895 1904 W. Edwards & Sons