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Hilton Gravel Ltd - 1957 advert

Hilton Gravel Ltd - 1957 advert

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Hilton Gravel Ltd., of Hilton, Derby, have one of their quarries situated within the Stoke-on-Trent boundary at Longton, the other branches being at Hilton, Stretton, Cheadle, Willington, Mercaston and Hemington. The firm deals in Graded Quartzite Gravel Chippings (for mass and reinforced concrete) ; Clear Sizes of Quartzite Chippings (for road surface dressing) ; Fine Grades of Chippings (for grano work and asphalt manufacture) ; i in. Chippings (for surface dressing of park footpaths, carriageways, etc.) ; Hilton Self-Binding Footpath Gravel (for paths and drives) ; i in. Down Screened Chippings (for winter gritting) ; various types of materials for tennis court construction ; and sands for concrete, mortar, asphalt, etc.

The Naybro Stone Co. Ltd. was formed in 1935 to take over two quarries, one situated on the main Longton-Stone road about a mile from the centre of Longton, and the other at Acton, about four miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme, off the Market Drayton road. Both quarries produce exceptionally high grade gravel and sand, and it was decided to take advantage of these excellent aggregates to develop the manufacture of a high-class reconstructed stone. Since the end of the war the output of the works has been doubled, and the casting shops now cover an area of approximately 41,000 square feet—all fitted with modern machinery and centrally heated, so that manufacture can continue regardless of weather conditions.

The company's products include all types of reconstructed stone dressings, such as tills, heads, cornices, etc., and the pre-cast concrete departments produce lintels, pavings, kerbs, line posts, fence posts and so on, and have been largely used on the Corporation's housing schemes. A number of bus shelters for erection locally have recently been supplied to the Potteries Motor Traction Co. Ltd., and the " Naybro " Cast Stone is well known to local authorities and leading architects.

Trentham Gravel Co. Ltd - When the quarry at Trentham ceased operations in 1948, the Trentham Gravel Co. Ltd. took over properties at Willoughbridge and Lordsley and developed one of the most modern and efficient gravel works in the country. Of the total input of 2,000 tons per day, 60% passes through the primary washers and crushers as gravel, graded ¾in., ½in., ¼in. and 3/16in., , the remaining 40% is diverted into sand classifiers and dewaterers and approximately one third of this is extracted as sharp concreting sand. Great attention is paid to the quality and grading of both coarse and fine aggregates and the works is equipped with an up-to-date testing room where daily analysis ensures conformity with British Standard Specifications 882.