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Mason's Patent Ironstone China

Mason's Patent Ironstone China
Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros Ltd

Prestige and Progress - A Survey of Industrial North Staffordshire
1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce - page 43


Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros. Ltd.

"The trade mark of the firm is the name MASON'S and a crown over the cartouche enclosing the words "Patent Ironstone China". It is a famous mark, indicating that the firm of Ashworths possess the original moulds and patterns of Charles James Mason, who patented ironstone china in 1813.

The Mason business was founded by Miles Mason at Lane Delph in 1796. He built up extensive connection which was developed by his sons, George Miles and Charles James, until 1848 when the business and the shapes were acquired by Francis Morley, who removed them to his factory in Broad Street, Hanley.  

The Hanley factory is itself an ancient one, having been run by a succession of able potters, including the Baddeleys, Richard Hicks, and Job Meigh. Frances Morley was a progressive potter who experimented with new processes and introduced new lines, and, when on his retirement in 1862, the business was acquired for Geo. L. Ashworth and Brothers, it was one of the most enterprising and flourishing in the Potteries. In 1883 the business was purchased as a going concern for John Shaw Goddard, whose descendants have continued the business to this day.

Today the famous shapes and patterns of Charles James Mason are being made in greater quantities than ever, providing evidence - if shuch is necessary - of the undying popularity of the Mason's Patent Ironstone China."

(Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros. Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.)

1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce



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