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Albert Marcius Silber


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Silber & Fleming





This wholesale business is included in this list of potters because Silber & Fleming stocked and also commissioned ware from North Staffordshire potteries.

Albert Marcius Silber was born in Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany, in 1833. He came to England in 1854, and, in conjunction with Noble Hutchinson Fleming as a junior partner established a business as 'Merchants, Commission Agents and Buyers. 

  • They established a wholesale business in Wood Street, London. They also had offices in the English city of Birmingham and in Paris. 

  • They supplied furniture, glass, china and earthenware, watches and jewellery, silverware, carpets and other household items. Detailed illustrated catalogues were produced. 

  • The partnership between Albert Marcius Silber and Noble Hutchinson Fleming was dissolved on the 29th January 1876, the business was continued by Albert Silber. The name Silber & Fleming was retained. It appears that Fleming remained at the business after the partnership was dissolved until his retirement in 1886. 

  • In 1882 the original London premises were totally destroyed by fire. The old premises were rebuilt on a larger scale with large showrooms and warehouse. 

  • Noble Hutchinson Fleming retired in January 1886.  

  • Albert Silber died of smallpox in May 1887. (Obituary) - The business was continued by family members.

  • The company stopped trading around 1898 and Faudel Phillips & Son acquired the business. 

  • Silber & Fleming was officially liquidated in March 1900.




Trade Mark

The letters 'AMS' in a rope are the initials of Albert Marcius Silber and this mark was used by Silber & Fleming.  

this mark was often used on earthenware, china and silverware produced for them   


"These initials, AMS occur in a bow knot type outline, on a dinner service made by Wedgwood & Co of Tunstall. This service bears the registration mark for June 1880. The initials probably relate to the retailer." (now known to be Silber & Fleming). 

Geoffrey A. Godden 'Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks'




Silber and Fleming's New Wholesale Warehouses, 
Wood-Street, London. 
The Illustrated London News, 11 October 1884.

Silber and Fleming
Illustrated Pattern Book
English China & Earthenware

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The London Gazette
4th February 1976

notice that the partnership between Albert Marcius Silber 
and Noble Hutchinson Fleming was dissolved on the
29th January 1876




cups bearing the AMS trade mark 


plate produced to commemorate the 
Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887

Manufacturered for
Silber & Fleming Ltd
57 Wood St
London E.C.

although there is no manufacturer mark on the plate the registration number 613164 tells us that the design was registered by Wallis Gimson & Co. of Fenton on the 
6th December 1886 



Cake stand, produced by Powell, Bishop & Stonier 
for retail by Silber & Fleming 

This stand has both the AMS mark and the manufacturers mark of Powell, Bishop & Stonier



small vase with impressed AMS mark
the manufacturer is unknown

photos courtesy:  Casey Prast



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