Blue John Pottery Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Blue John Pottery Ltd



  now closed

Earthenware manufacturer, Union Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
"EASTHENWARE... badged ware, beakers, canteen ware, cups (eggs), floral fancies, hospital ware, jugs (flowers), nursery ware,  pie funnels, plaques, teapots (earthenware, decorated) vases, wall vases.

Godden's Encyclopedia of British Pottery marks gives a start date for this pottery works, however other sources (including a 1960 Pottery Gazette) states "Estd 1886.  


Bowl with the "Blue John Pottery Mark"
Bowl with the "Blue John Pottery Mark"
It measures 265mm across widest point , is concave, and stands 60mm high.


Marks used on ware for identification:

Printed marks using the name "Blue John" 

from 1947 onwards the name in full 
"Blue John Pottery" was used 

printed mark used 1949+
printed mark used 1949+ 

Blue John Pottery ware - over 8 inches [20.32 centimeters] wide
not counting the handle, and shaped like a giant coffee mug


impressed mark:

Blue John



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