E E Bodley & Co


Location and period of operation:

E E Bodley & Co





China manufacturer at the Broad Street Pottery, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England

NOTE: this business is not to be confused with the previous Bodley businesses at the nearby town of Burslem. In 1892 that company was declared bankrupt.

  • Following the bankruptcy of the Burslem companies a different family member, E. E. Bodley, started business at the Broad Street Pottery, Hanley. 

  • This E. E. Bodley may have been Edwin J. D. Bodley's wife - Elizabeth E. Bodley.

  • Two new patterns were registered to the Broad Street Pottery: 218361 on the 16 September 1893 and 218415 on the 18th September.  

  • A 1894 advert states "Makers of the F.B. Indian and some other of the Hill Pottery Patterns" - the Hill Pottery was the previous Burslem works.



E. E. Bodley & Co
China Manufacturers
Broad Street Pottery, Hanley
Makers of the F.B. Indian and some other of the Hill Pottery Patterns

Advert from the Pottery Gazette, 1 June 1894 


teacup & saucer - transferware with gilt edging 


hand decorated plate with gilding
registration number 218361 give a date of 16 September 1893
for the date of the registration of the pattern



highly decorated embossed plate with heavy gilding
and hand painted picture of birds



aesthetic polychrome brown transferware plate



Initials and marks used on ware for identification:



note that the second 'E' in the mark
is printed backwards  

E E Bodley & Co


Bodley - Hanley - England 


E E B & Co

the registration number 218361 
dates to 16 September 1893


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