Buxton, Room & Pearson


Location and period of operation:

Buxton, Room & Pearson




Earthenware manufacturers in Newcastle Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent


Pearson, John and Edward, Burslem and Cobridge, Staffs

"John Pearson originally worked as a member of the firm of Buxton, Room & Pearson, which dissolved partnership to July 1831 (Staffordshire Advertiser, 30 July 1831) the business being continued by A. B. Buxton and J. Pearson.

By 1834 John Pearson had become sole owner and was potting in Newcastle Street, Burslem. He was succeeded by Edward Pearson, who in 1851 had moved to Liverpool Road. Later still he took the Abbey Works at Cobridge where he made ironstone china and earthenware."

"The Concise Encyclopedia of English Pottery and Porcelain" Mankowitz and Hagger

see Edward Pearson

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