Christie and Beardmore


Location and period of operation:

Christie and Beardmore


July 1900

Nov 1901


Manufacturer of earthenware at the Sutherland Pottery, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • Frances (Frank) William Beardmore joined with John James Christie and operated as Christie & Beardmore.   

  • This was a short lived partnership which was dissolved in November 1901 and Frank Beardmore continued on his own account.  


Formerly:  Hulme and Christie

Subsequently: Frank Beardmore & Co


notice of the dissolution of the previous partnership between
John James Christie and Francis William Beardmore

Beardmore continued on his own account as Frank Beardmore & Co


Marks & initials used on ware for identification:



C & B

the "F" stands for FENTON - the town were the factory was based



C & B

typical marks with a dove with and olive branch
-this dove mark was first introduced by Hulme & Christie around 1893 


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NOTE: The Sutherland Pottery in Fenton  is not to be 
confused with the Sutherland Works (in Longton)
which was occupied by Hudson & Middleton.


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