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The Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. - Minerva Works
The Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. 
Minerva Works

"The Art Director at Crown Staffordshire for over thirty years was J T (Jack) Jones. Born in 1898 Jack Jones joined Crown Staffordshire at the age of thirteen and worked for the company for forty-seven years. At the time of his death he was described as one of the leading designers of bone china table ware, but today he is probably known best for the range of bird groups that he designed for Crown Staffordshire. These ranged from large cockatoo figures to tiny wrens. 

Other designers were also used by the company. In the 1930s T.M. Bayley produced a range of figures of children on elaborate floral bases, but most figure and floral groups do not bear the name of their designer.

Crown Staffordshire made all types of tablewares and gift wares, and was noted for its powder blue and other grounds, usually combined with fine hand-painting. It continued to reproduce 18th century styles well into the 20th century. Some of the finest artists, such as Leslie Johnson (Cries of London vases), signed their work.

In the 1930s the company introduced the "Pan" range of yellow-glazed tablewares, decorated with stylised flowers, but the public preferred to see the white body of bone china and the yellow glaze was dropped. Floral and bird subjects were popular subjects on tablewares, paralleling the modelled groups.

Both before and during World War 2 the company produced badged ware for the fighting services, including the British and Canadian navies. During the war they were designated as a nucleus firm (1941) which meant that they were allowed to continue trading in their own premises and, although Barlows of Longton were concentrated upon the Minerva Works for the duration of the war, no earthenware was made, only bone china.

In 1946 the Heron Cross factory was purchased to allow increased postwar production of decorated wares, primarily for export. The bottle ovens there were replaced by tunnel ovens. In 1945 the company was one of those permitted to recommence manufacture of 'fancies' for the home market. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the firm, woven china baskets had been introduced. These constituted an important export ware and were marketed under the slogan A May basket for every bride.

A range of china miniatures were also produced. These frequently were tea sets for two, comprising teapot, cream jug, sugar bowl, two cups and saucers and a matching tray.

In 1948 the name of the company was changed to Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd. and two subsidiary companies were established, in Canada and America, to control distribution abroad. In the 1950s three quarters of total production was exported. Agents were employed in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Belgium.

In 1952 the Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd. was described by the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review as the largest producer of china flowers in the Potteries as well as producing many figure and bird studies. Over 200 people were employed in the factory's decorating department.

In 1965 the Green family's connection with the company ceased and the company became part of the Wedgwood Group in 1973. Christmas plates were manufactured from 1972-1981 (1972-76 exclusively for export). From 1985 the name Crown Staffordshire was not used, the name Coalport Ltd. (also part of the Wedgwood Group) being used instead."
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The Charles Green Collection

In 1996 Mr Charles S. Green donated to the Potteries Museum his collection of bone china and earthenware. It comprised over 500 items made by his family's pottery companies over the last 200 years. Some were items which had been passed down through the family, others had been purchased by Charles Green over the years. They were given by Charles Green in memory of his brothers, Sam Green and Frank Green, the last two members of the Green family to be involved with the company, Crown Staffordshire China Ltd.

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