Elkin & Newbon

Elkin, Newbon & Newbon


Location and period of operation:

Elkin & Newbon





Earthenware manufacturer in Stafford Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The partners were Samuel Elkin and Thomas & William Newbon.

  • From the 1851 census:

  • they employed 40 men, 15 women, 30 boys, and 25 girls

  • William Newbon age 45, living at 55 New Street, born Longton

  • Thomas Newbon age 42, living at 45 Edensor Place, born Longton

  • In November 1852 Thomas Newbon left the business

  • Around 1855/6 Samuel continued on his own account.  

Continued as: Samuel Elkin

The London Gazette
16 November 1852

Notice that Thomas Newbon left the business
which was continued by Samuel Elkin and William Newbon



Front of the platter
platter in the Chinese Villa pattern 

this platter was handed down through a descendant of the Newbon family

Elkin, Newbon & Newbon
 E. N. & N. 

probably Elkin, Newbon & Newbon



platter in the Botanical Beauties pattern 

a series of patterns with stylised flowers as a central motif 
within a border of flower sprays on a stippled ground

 E. & N. 



plate by Elkin and Newbon in the Warwick Vase pattern 

- more on the Warwick Vase

Warwick Vase
 & N 






photos courtesy: Patti McGrath


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