W H Grindley & Co (Ltd)


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W H Grindley & Co (Ltd)




Earthenware manufacturer at the Newfield Pottery and then the Woodland Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent  

  • The company was founded at the Newfield Pottery in 1880 by William Harry Grindley (princliple partner) and Mr Turner (the '& Co.')

  • They produced Earthenware and Ironstone China - particularly for the Canadian, United States, South American and Australian markets.

  • In 1891 the company moved to the Woodfield Pottery, Woodland Street, Tunstall. 

  • In 1908 Mr Grindley set up The Grindley Hotel Ware Co

  • In 1960 the business was purchased by Alfred Clough Ltd.

  • In 1978 renamed Grindley of Stoke (ceramics) Ltd.  

  • Federated Potteries Co. Ltd. took them over in 1982 and in 1988 the business was re-purchase by W. H. Grindley.

  • 1991 saw the company in the hands of the receivers. and the same year they were taken over by Woodlands Pottery.


Also see the sister company: The Grindley Hotel Ware Co


W H Gindley & Co
Earthenware Manufacturers
Newfield Pottery, Tunstall

Pottery Gazette, December 1880 




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