George Barnes

Barnes & Wood


Location and period of operation:

George Barnes

Lane End




Earthenware manufacturer at the St. Gregory's Pottery, High Street, Lane End, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The former St. Gregory's Works on the north side of High Street, Longton was established by George Barnes in 1794.

  • George & William Barnes were in partnership together, this partnership ended in October 1804 when William left and George Barnes continued. 

  • George Barnes was in partnership (at the St. Gregory's Works) with a Mr. Wood (as Barnes & Wood) - Jewitt Ceramic Art of Great Britain.

  • George Barnes appears to have moved to Liverpool and continued as a potter. In 1825 he was imprisoned as a debtor. In 1826 his real estate was sold to pay off his creditors.   



The London Gazette
30 October 1804 

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership of George & William Barnes 


The London Gazette
1 October 1825 

Notice to the creditors of George Barnes, late of Lane End...Potter 


The London Gazette
14 February 1826 

Notice to the creditors of George Barnes, late of Lane End...Potter,
an insolvent Debtor.. to direct what time & place, the real estate
of the said insolvent shall be sold by auction


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