Beardmore & Edwards


Location and period of operation:

Beardmore & Edwards





Earthenware manufacturer at the junction of Union Square and Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The partners were Thomas Beardmore and Aaron Edwards.

  • The partnership ended in April when Aaron Edwards left the business and William Newbon joined with Thomas Beardmore and the company continued as Newbon & Beardmore 

Aaron Edwards is likely to be the same person who 
co-founded Cartwright & Edwards in 1857/8

Subsequently: Newbon & Beardmore 


The London Gazette
30 April 1858

notice of the dissolution of the partnership 
between Beardmore and Edwards


English Railway Transferware Platter - original illustration by Beardmore and Edwards

This tray illustrates the steam engine and train cars from the Great Western Express railroad established in 1825 in England. The opening of the railway line and the steam engine created a worldwide sensation, heralding in the new marvel of science and engineering. 

Trains and railways became a popular image in art work and new media.The illustration on these trains was created by Beardmore and Edwards and originally printed on ceramics in the late 1850s. This is a later copy, c.1900, made for the French and American market.


Initials used on ware for identification:


B & E



1857 map showing the location of the pottery at the junction of Commerce Street and Union Square, Longton


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