Edward J Ridgway (& Son)


Location and period of operation:

E J Ridgway (& Son)


July 1860



Manufacturer of earthenware at the Church Works, Hanley, and from 1866 at the Bedford Works, Shelton, Stoke-upon-Trent, England


  • The previous partnership between Edward John Ridgway and Leonard James Abington was dissolved in July 1860 - Abington retired, and E J Ridgway continued on his own account.  

  • Edward John Ridgway took his son John into partnership in 1870. 

  • Edward retired in 1872 and left the business to his two sons John and Edward Ackroyd Ridgway who, in 1873 took a Joseph Sparks into partnership as Ridgway, Sparks & Ridgway.


Previously: E Ridgway & Abington [1835-60] 

Subsequently: Ridgway, Sparks & Ridgway [1873-9] 


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The London Gazette
July 13, 1860

notice of the dissolution of the previous 
partnership of Ridgway & Abington

E J Ridgway continued the business on his own account 



The London Gazette
May 16, 1873

notice of the dissolution of the partnership  of 
Edward John Ridgway and his son John Ridgway

the business was continued by the brothers John Ridgway, 
Edward Ackroyd Ridgway and a Mr. Sparks



The Church Works 

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Edward J Ridgway occupied the Church Works until 1866 when
he relocated to the newly built Bedford Works



The Bedford Works 

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"Ridgways, at Bedford Works, Shelton, was founded by Edward J. Ridgway, 
son of the famous Master Potter William Ridgway of Hanley..." 


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