Thomas Bevington


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Bevington




Thomas Bevington - son of Samuel Bevington .  Manufacturer of china and earthenware.  From c.1863-76 Thomas was in partnership with his brother James Bevington as J & T Bevington

  - he operated two works:-

Burton Place, New Street, Hanley c.1877-91  (Thomas and James were previously in partnership together at Burton Place)
Mayer Street, Hanley  c.1892


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Thomas Bevington
Burton Works, Hanley

The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880


Thomas Bevington
Burton Works, Hanley

 The Pottery Gazette,  May 1st 1880


Thomas Bevington basket in 'Moss Ware' - with 'raised flowers'


vase in 'Moss Ware' 



Holly & Ivy Vase

Pot-Pourri  Vase


Thomas Bevington cup and saucer in the Imari pattern

Marks used on ware for identification:


By Royal Letters Patent
Thomas Bevington


Typical Thomas Bevington mark
from the Burton Place Works, New Street, Hanley c.1877-91


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