George Tinsley


Location and period of operation:

George Tinsley


Feb 1880

June 1881

Earthenware manufacturer at Queen Street Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Originally in business with Ezra Bourne as Tinsley, Bourne & Co. 

  • This partnership was dissolved on the 10th February 1880 and George Tinsley continued on his own account for a period.

  • He was made bankrupt in June 1881


Previously: Tinsley, Bourne & Co

Subsequently: W. H. Adams




George Tinsley & Co
Queen Street Pottery, Burslem

 The Pottery Gazette,  May 1st 1880

London Gazette June 14th 1881

notice of Bankruptcy of George Tinsley on 10th June 1881

Willow Pattern platter with the Stoneware GT mark



Initials & marks used on ware for identification:




mark with the initials GT - almost certainly those of George Tinsley 


1879 map showing the Queen Street Pottery, Burslem


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