Stoke-on-Trent Architects


Architects associated with the Potteries


Architect b. d. Buildings designed
Campbell, William 1860-  


Dane, Ralph 1830-1915 Hanley public baths.
Buildings on the Sneyd estate at Keele.


Ford, George B. 1833-1902 Burslem Board Schools.
Clowes Memorial Church.
Hayward Hospital.


Heathcote Tatham, Charles


Mausoleum, Trentham 
Kipling, John L. 1837-1911 designed facade of Wedgwood Institute, Burslem.


Lynam, Charles
1829-1921 'The Villas' Stoke.
Stoke-on-Trent Free Library and Baths.
Stoke Market Complex.
North Staffordshire Infirmary, Hartshill.
Chapels, Hartshill Cemetery
replacement Christ Church, Fenton.


Scott, George Gilbert 
1811-1878 Holy Trinity Church and school, Hartshill.
Minton cottages and Institute, Hartshill.
St. Thomas Church, Penkhull.
Church of the Resurrection
, Longton


Scrivener, Robert 1812-1878 Twyfords Cliffe Vale works
Queens Hotel, Hanley (which became the Town Hall)
Mechanics' Institution, Hanley.


Scrivener, Alexander 1852-1921 St. Paul's Church, Newcastle-under-Lyme


Ward, Henry
1801-? Stoke Town Hall.
Houses in Brook Street, Stoke 

Original Christchurch, Fenton


Wood, Absalom R. 1851-1922 Primitive Methodist school, Tunstall.
Baptist Tabernacle, Burslem.
Congregational Church, Tunstall.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wolstanton.
Town Hall, Tunstall.
Congregational Church, Burslem.
St. Andrew's Church, Porthill.
Christ Church, Tunstall (transepts/chancel)
Library, Science & Art school Tunstall.
Fire Station, Tunstall.
Public Library & Museum, Tunstall.
Victoria Institute, Kidsgrove.
Clock Tower, Tunstall.
Jubilee Methodist chapel, Tunstall (facade).
School of Art (Burslem).
Art Nouveau shop front, Tunstall.


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