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The development of education in the City 



The development of education in the City
Source: "The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent" John Ward, 1843



"… education; which is, or according to our views, ought to be, intimately connected with Religion.

The Education of the Working Classes.. has been, for nearly half a century, assiduously cultivated in Sunday Schools, connected with the Church, and various Nonconformist Bodies; but more particularly the latter; and for twenty years past, or thereabouts, has been also further promoted by national and British Schools, erected in the several towns within the Borough: all of them having been carried on by means of local subscriptions, and charity sermons….

…. We conceive that, in the generality of these Schools, the very important doctrines of Christian humility, and natural fallibility, and a regard for the sacred obligations of the Sabbath, are not enough insisted on: and we, therefore, with all freedom and faithfulness, submit our opinion to the consideration of those whose philanthropy is enlisted in the cause of national education."



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Scriven's report 1840 - section on education


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