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Ash House

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Ash House

Ash House - now the "Ash Bank" Hotel
Ash House
now the "Ash Bank" Hotel

Photo: June 2000


In the mid 1850s William Mellor Meigh (1st - the son of Job Meigh II) gave up farming and Ash Farm was run by a farm bailiff. This change probably coincided with the demolition of the original Ash House and its replacement by the present building (show in the photo above), like Ash Hall it was constructed of local stone. 
Unfortunately, the foundation stone recording this event has been covered over by an extension to the Ash Bank Hotel but it stated: “This corner-stone was laid by Job and Elizabeth Meigh of Ash Hall, on the eleventh day of May 1857. Bemgno Numine.” 

date event
c1841-1870 The original Ash House was occupied by William Mellor Meigh I, the son of Job Meigh, from at least 1841 until he moved across the road to Ash Hall in 1870. 
mid 1850's Original building demolished. 
1857 Cornerstone of the new house laid on 11th May 1857.
1870 William Mellor Meigh I moved from Ash House to the Ash Hall.

When William Mellor Meigh I moved to Ash Hall in 1870 (after the death of his father Job Meigh II), Ash House was let to a succession of tenants including John Forsythe (1872), and Charles Ford, China Manufacturer, with a works in Cannon Street, Hanley, who moved from The Hollies in Shelton



In the 1841 census for Ash House:



William Mellor Meigh 30  Head Flint and Colour Grinder
William Mellor Meigh 1 month Son
Eliza Meigh 25  Wife Independent
Elizabeth C Meigh  2 Dau
Dorothy Firebuck 20 Srvnt Female Servant
Elizabeth Thorley 20 Srvnt Female Servant
Elizabeth Wilson  20 Srvnt Female Servant

1851 census for Ash House:


Marr | Age | 

  Birthplace Occupation
William Mellor Meigh  Married 44  Head  Staffs, Stoke Farmer of 117 Acres, employing 3 labourers
Eliza Meigh Married 38 Wife  Leics, Harborough
Elizabeth C Meigh  Single 12 Dau  Staffs, Stoke
William Mellor Meigh  Single 9  Son  Staffs, Stoke
Ann Meigh  Single 7  Dau  Staffs, Stoke
Catherine Meigh Single 3  Dau  Staffs, Stoke
Ellen Meigh  Single 1 Dau  Staffs, Stoke
Ann Chetwynd  Single 36 Srvnt  Staffs, Stoke House Servant 
Jane Jones  Single 16  Srvnt  North Wales House Servant
Emma Bonnell  Single 20 Srvnt  Staffs, Uttoxeter  House Servant 

Source: Andrew Dobraszczyc notes.